Creating A Liver Wellness Plan That Works For You

Liver Institute PLLC Has Tucson’s Leading Liver Disease Management Specialists

One of the most important human organs is the liver. It has over 500 different functions within the human body, so when you’re affected by liver disease, you want the best postoperative care available. The Liver Institute PLLC is Tucson’s first choice for the diagnosis and management of liver disease, and their experts have put together some tips to creating a successful liver wellness plan.

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Regular Testing

The liver needs to be tested regularly to prevent and manage any significant illness from returning post-surgery. To keep on top of any kind of liver sickness, you should have your blood regularly tested, especially if you have Hepatitis B or C. Our liver clinic offers many programs like Hepatitis C and B evaluation and management with the intention to never stop searching for a cure. We also provide a fully monitored Hepatitis C program, complete with a personalized team of hepatologists dedicated to helping you recover.

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Battling With Alcohol

One of the hardest aspects of post-liver illness recovery is finding out alcohol absolutely cannot play a part in a patient’s life. For some, this can be a tough thing to come to terms with. For others, it can seem downright impossible. At Liver Institute PLLC, our multidisciplinary team approaches alcohol and non-alcohol liver disease with a concentrated focus on diet management, lifestyle intervention and sobriety. We focus on the wellness of the patient before anything else. Nobody should have to go through this change alone, and our liver clinic hepatologists will be here for you.

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Fatty Liver Disease Management Program

Finding out you are in the early stages of fatty liver disease is difficult, but you can rest easy knowing the treatment you receive from our Fatty Liver Disease Management Program is second to none. The program is customized to your needs, and we take everything into account when building your individualized plan. The goal is always the same, we work with you to help keep your low-density lipoprotein,” the bad cholesterol,” and triglycerides — a type of blood fat — within recommended limits and have you feeling your best once again.

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Advanced Liver Failure Management

One of the most challenging things to face is our own mortality. But at our liver clinic, we pride ourselves on delivering advanced liver failure management that puts the patient’s wellness first. Caring for someone with a terminal diagnosis comes with a lot of responsibility. We pride ourselves on our compassion and ability to deliver advanced liver failure management with the class and dignity it deserves. Your loved ones will be given a management program that helps them navigate their diagnosis.

Liver Institute PLLC is Tucson’s leading authority on liver disease diagnosis and management. If you or a loved one are currently in recovery, expecting surgery or just want to plan for the future, we urge you to contact us today for more information regarding our services and programs.

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