How our facility is keeping patients safe from COVID-19

  1. We are providing extra training for staff and education for patients about the importance of hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and cough etiquette.

  2. We are monitoring healthcare personnel for symptoms of respiratory infection.

  3. We are monitoring pre and post liver transplant patients and visitors for symptoms of respiratory infection.

  4. We are prepared to quickly identify and separate patients with respiratory symptoms.

  5. We are training staff about proper use of personal protective equipment for COVID-19.

  6. We are continuing our routine cleaning and disinfection procedures as they are also the procedures recommended for protecting patients from COVID-19 in Liver disease settings.

  7. We may restrict visitor access to protect patients.

  8. We are encouraging patients and staff to share all questions and concerns related to COVID-19.

  9. We are staying up-to-date with the latest information from CDC’s COVID-19 web page:

For patients Scheduling your appointment at Liver Institute

  1. Please call 5203079094 to schedule your appointment.

  2. Our scheduler will ask you if you have any flue like symptoms.

  3. We will not be accepting cash for copayments. Only credit cards and checks will be accepted.

  4. Our waiting areas are being sanitized periodically during the day.

  5. We are asking patients to wait in the car to be seen when they arrive and call us at 520-445-7748 to confirm they have arrived.

  6. We will not be seating more than 4 patients in the waiting area while maintaining 6 feet social distancing

  7. We ask all patients and attendants to wear a mask. Our employees will be wearing masks as well.

  8. Only one attendant per patient will be allowed inside the facility

  9. All patients and the attendant’s temperature will be checked.

  10. If the patient is suspected to have any COVID 19 symptoms they will be isolated immediately

  11. If an attendant is suspected to have COVID 19 symptoms they will be asked to leave and contact their doctor immediately

  12. If you are not comfortable to do your appointment at the office, please request a telemedicine appointment by texting us at 5203079094.

  13. No paper handouts will be given please share your email with our staff so that they can email you your discharge summary, lab orders, or medical records.

Contact us with further questions using our contact form.